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Welcome to Kava Kauai where we honor the over 3000 years of traditional use, that started in the Pacific Islands. Living on Kauai alows us to live close to nature year round.  We have been following the Kava Traditions of the first know settlers of Kauai, who brought there Kava Trdations with them through there long jounys around the Pacific Ocean.

The rich natural herbal beverage, made from ONLY the root of the (Piper methysticum) tropical shrub, is handled with the utmost care. We start with the most potant part of the Kava Kava Plant "The Root" ,whole root (Absolutely NO stems or leaves)! We create our small batches of fresh Yagona (the Fijian name), to keep quility high.  We endemically place the Kava into re-sealable zip locked containers for freshness.  By following our strict processing and packing requirements, the Sakau (Pohapei name) is always at peak freshness to deliver maximum flavor and potency. We believe our special handling promotes the true pursues of Awa (Hawaiian name), relaxation, a clearing of the mind and creating a state of natural well being. Please take a few moments to review our site. We have more information, recipes and videos, through out our pages. Kava truly is "The Drink of Peace".



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